How to design your house to make it brighter?


Living in a bright house where enough light and air comes in can be very healthy. Most people want to live in such environment. If you think that your room is dark, then you don’t need to install new windows to make it brighter. You can simply use these simple tricks.

Add more mirrors

You should have a big mirror on the opposite side of your largest window. This way more light will be reflected. You should have lots of more small mirrors as well in your house. In such case, there will be more reflections and more light will enter your home.

Trim tree branches

You should cut down your tree branches if it’s blocking your view from windows. You won’t get the proper breeze getting inside your home and also, the tree will block the sunlight from entering your room. So, you should cut off trees or bushes that are blocking your window.

Remove walls in between rooms

You can remove the wall in between two dark rooms and make it a single spacious room. You can call architecture to design the new room for you. This time make sure that you have plenty of wind.

Having glass doors

Most people have wooden doors. You can instead have glass doors or wooden doors with a section of glass. This will make the house brighter as more light will be entering through the doors.

Add more light fixtures

Along with making sure that more sunlight enters your home, you should also ensure that your house is bright at night. You can add lots of light fixtures so that you get plenty of light around the house.

All these ideas are proven. These ideas will help you to brighten up your house and let your family members get lots of vitamin D. Brightening up the house also lets you move around the house at night comfortably.

4 most stylish bedroom accessories

Bedroom is one of the coziest places in your house where you relax and spend some time in your room. You can turn your dull looking bedroom into something very pretty and interesting by using come stylish accessories. You can style your bedroom with the following ideas.

Patterned rugs

Rugs on the floor look great. You can bay patterned rugs, which are very trendy. Rugs will save you from chilly mornings. You can consider the zig-zag pattern for your property.


You can hang a new piece of artwork on the wall of your bedroom. It will increase the aesthetic appeal of the room and reflect your great sense of fashion. You can choose from a range of artworks available in various galleries or online stores.


A mirror is a great accessory for your bedroom. It is not only decorative but functional as well. You can choose a unique shaped mirror, instead of the normal square or rectangular shaped ones. It will make your room look spacious. You will also like the reflections of light on the mirror during the day.


Planters can make your house green. It will provide fresh air. You can choose planters to keep on your tabletop or buy a hanging planter. You can buy these from the local stores or from online stores as well.

You should follow the trend and style your bedroom according to the suggestions mentioned above. You will get various types of accessories in the lifestyle stores. You should take your time and decorate your bedroom the best way possible.

Top 4 trends in men’s wear

Fashion trends come and go all the time. It’s nice to be trendy. It makes you feel good and confident. You will never feel out of place with your friends or colleagues if you are up-to-date with the latest trends. Trends in men’s wear also change with time. It is important how you dress up when going to the office or attending events like a wedding. If you don’t know what to wear then you can get into an uncomfortable situation. Here are four trends in men’s wear that you should know about.

Trousers with wide legs

The trend recently has been to wear loose outfits, be in hoodies, shirts or trousers. So, trousers with wide legs are in fashion now. Straight-cut trousers or trousers made of wool-mix fabric will look great.

Shirts with Cuban collar

The Cuban-style collar of shirts is now in fashion. These shirts come in various prints including the Hawaiian print. You can wear it with jeans. You will look sleek and stylish.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes in shirts, coats or even pants are very popular. You can buy a t-shirt or casual blazer with vertical stripes. These are trendy and look great.

Colored suits

Formal suits are no longer limited to black, dark blue and dark brown. People are now wearing colored coats. You will see celebrities wearing burgundy, light blue and even pink suit.

You should keep track of the latest trends in clothing always. You can follow the style of a celebrity you like if you want to. You can read various fashion magazines to stay trendy all the time.